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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Kenny Biacco, Jr.

  • Total knees replacement
Kenny Biacco, Jr.'s photo



Dr. Andrew S. Kaye, M.D.

I hope while you are reading this little message it finds you in good health and at peace.

I came to you twelve years ago with a very serious infection to my right knee. You SAVED me.

Then in June, 2011 I came to you and you told me I had TWO VERY BAD KNEES' that needed replaced. You HAD A PLAN AND IT WORKED.

My left knee was replaced in November 17, 2011. Then you told me we had SOME HOMEWORK to do for the right knee, due to the past with infection. Testing was done and all came back negative. On October 25th, 2012 my right knee was replaced.

Dr. Kaye, you have given me the ULTIMATE Christmas gifts for 2012. The gift of NO PAIN, the gift of WALKING and the gift of a whole NEW LIFE!

I will never forget you.

Thank you - Thank you so much.

Kenny Biacco, Jr.

Retired Sgt. Deputy Sheriff

Willard {Bill} Swan

  • Bilateral knes replacement

“Before I had my Bilateral knee replacement done in January 2011, the pain in my knees made life unbearable. Going to work each day was about all I could stand. A trip to the mall was out of the question.Everything Dr. Lehman said prior to my surgery was right step for step. I was instructed to work very hard at rehabilition, which I did. The end result is that I have no more pain. Steps are no longer a problem, and I was able to return to work. I'm now riding a bicycle,kayaking, hunting, and water sking. Dr. Lehman has given me back my life. I would recommend Dr. Lehman to anyone. My wife is currently a patient of Dr. Lehman's under going the same problem.”


  • Neck/Back Surgery

“Testimonial for Dr. Frank Grisafi

Dr. G. has changed my life, for the better. Before, I didn't want to talk to people because the way my neck and head were. My face was always looking down at the ground. I couldn't look up and make eye contact with anyone I was talking to, so I didn't go out much, church and doctors. For about 8 years my neck was crooked like that. But Dr. G rescued me when no other doctor would touch me. Now I can look straight into your eyes when we speak. I am forever grateful to Dr. G. I am going to have him do my other part of my back also. He has also done my elbow, but that's another story for the good. I trust Dr. G. with my life.

Alexandria ”


  • severe concussion
lisa's photo

“I was involved with a driver in a hit and run accident 4 months ago. A large delivery truck hit my car as I was trying to pass him on the highway-because he swerved across the lanes. I lost consciousness from the airbags and guardrail impact. This was my 4th concussion, but none of them had been this serious. Dr. Kilpatrick and his team are fantastic. He is kind, caring, and has a very good way of working with his patients to make them feel comfortable and to understand their medical. I was able to be scheduled in for an appointment very quickly, and they have monitored me every step of the way. Personalized care and treatment are their protocol, not numbers and long waits. This team is accessible, helpful, and they know how to treat their patients. If there is a question, they get it answered. I have appreciated the way in which this team will call back in a very quick fashion and nothing seems to fall through the cracks. The therapy that they prescribe has been arranged flawlessly and there has been no problems with it. Nancy, who works with Dr. Kilpatrick, goes above and beyond the call of duty, and is absolutely fantastic. They also do a great job of providing information for available resources to help the patient to cope with the needs of her health situation. I cannot recommend this team highly enough!”

John Papasoderp

  • Lower back surgery, fracture left ankle, total left knee replacement, cervical spine surgery

“I have been associated with the physicians of ASP long before there was ASP both personally and professionally. Dr. Yakish and Dr. Lehman have performed numerous surgical procedures over the years with absolute 100% satisfaction for me. This year 2014 I have had the pleasure of meeting the latest addition to the ASP association Dr. Frank Grisafi. This meeting was not a social call but rather that I needed immediate surgery due to a cervical neck problem. I had surgery the following day to fuse my spine. Dr. G could not have more professional and reassuring me of the procedure. I had fully recovered and then another problem arose and I needed surgery on more levels of my neck. I did not hesitate, or have any reservations I returned to ASP and had my surgery. I am recovering as I write this letter. Dr. G and the entire ASP practice have been like a second family to me. I did not choose to have spinal and joint problems but I did choose ASP for my care.”


  • Left Bumionectomy

“The bunion on my left foot was causing me pain and I could not wear good shoes to walk anymore. Dr. Hobizal removed it and gave a foot that looks better and is pain free. The surgery went well with minimal pain and I will get the right foot done in the future. Thanks for the good care. ”

Alta J.

  • Total Knee Replacement
Alta J.'s photo

“From the time of my first appointment to my total knee replacement and my follow-up appointments, I have been in awe of the staff and doctors. This facility is very clean, the staff are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and trusting. I can't say enough good things about Carolyn Engle, M.D. She kept me apprised of every detail of my surgery and answered any and all questions. As a result of my experience, I am going to be a regular patient for the other fields this facility offers. Sincerely, Alta ”

Joline Mannion

  • bilateral total knee replacement

“Dr.Dale Yakish replaced both my knees in September 2010. At that time I was having great difficulty walking, I was in severe pain & my activities were limited because of it. Now 6 years after my surgery I have no pain, no difficulty walking, & maintain a full schedule. I recommend Dr Yakish & his staff for any orthopedic procedure.”


  • broken wrist

“I, sadly, broke my wrist. Any one that knows me , knows that I am absolutely terrified of doctors, hospitals and any thing associated with such things. However, this time I had no choice but to seek help. I had Dr.Yakish reset my bones. The man is a HOOT...he put me at such ease and made my fears go away. Everyone there could tell I was scared to death and everyone there made me comfortable...Thanks to all of you. Not saying I ever want to go through this again but if I ever do I know I know I won't be as scared again. Thanks again to all of you!”

Darin Morella

  • Cervical Fusion

“Many thanks go out to the whole ASP Orthopedics team. Beginning with the office personnel, to the physicians assistants, and especially Dr. Grisafi.

Throughout this past year I have learned that "If you do not have your health, you don't have anything." Dr. Grisafi has given me back my health. He is a wonderful surgeon and I would reccommend him to anyone. I appreciate his no nonsense approach and confident demeanor. On my way to a happier and healthier life! Thanks ASP!!!

Jennifer Montgomery

  • ACL and Meniscus Repair

“Going into my first surgery was a terrify experience after dealing with a bad knee for over 5 years I was referred to Dr Lehman, I was told my ACL was completely torn and my meniscus also needed repair! He put me so at ease he explained everything step by step! His assistant PA Obrien was also amazing! They've been nothing but nice! After 5 years and several different doctors I finally found somewhere I can trust! Everyone in this office is so sweet from the front desk girls to all the nurses! Thank you for finally fixing this issue now I can chase my 8 month old around with out worries!”

Thomas J. Betlyn

  • Knee Injections
Thomas J. Betlyn's photo

“Dr. Lehman treated my knee for arthritis, at first I was skeptical and felt no relief. It took a little longer than 6 weeks, but my knee feels so much better. I'll be running again thanks to Dr. Lehman's treatment.”

Michae TJanectic

  • Complete hip replacement

“I had a complete hip replacement in October 2016. I am 63 yrs old and always have been very active up to 6 months ago.My pain was crippling and I could not do anything I was used to doing .Even walking was a chore

Thanks to Doctor Yakish and his staff my procedure went flawless without a hitch. A little therarpy and I was back to normal with no pain. I have gotten my active lifestyle back thanks too ASP and Dr Yakish. JOB WELL DONE!”

Bill Maley

  • Bilateral knee replacements

“As everyone knows, growing old isn't easy. After meeting with Dr. Yakish and his well trained staff for several appointments over the last few years to treat my knee pain conservatively, in April, 2017, I found myself facing major surgery to replace both knees. Dr. Yakish's professional approach helped me handle this stressful situation and I decided to have both knees replaced at the same time. With his expertise and the help of many well trained hospital personnel and outpatient physical therapy, my rehab went smoothly and I am happy to say that horrible pain is gone and function has been restored. I truly appreciate the positive impact Dr. Yakish and his staff has had on my outcome and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking orthopedic care.”

Stan M.

  • Back surgery

“I have dwelt with back pain for many years. I am 71 years old. I have had five surgeries, the last three being fusions. After my fourth fusion, I was released by the doctor. He said there were no spinal issues and sent me to a hip specialist because I was in a great deal of pain. After three bursitis shots with no relief, I was was sent to pain management. My pain level was basically a 10. I was going to have nerve ends burned and the pain specialist recommended I see Dr. Grasafi. He did X-rays and found my problem-the screws were loose at the bottom of my previous surgery. He did surgery and I was pain free afterwards and did not have to take medication. He said when I begin to do things, I will probably have a pain level of 2-3. I do and I can certainly live with that! Thank you and God bless you and your staff for everything you did for me.”

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