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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Cathy K.

  • finger amputation

“My 92 year old father partially amputated two fingers using a table saw. The medics took him to a Pgh hospital (he just wanted to go Heritage Valley Beaver) where I can say we encountered nothing short of a debacle. My father just wanted the fingers completely amputated and stitched up. They refused, bandaged him and said he have to see the doctor in his office the next day. After a grueling night and what would have probably turned into many trips back and forth to Pgh, I called Dr. Yakish's office and he took us immediately. He looked at the fingers, x-rayed them and made the sound decision to amputate just as my dad had wanted. He went in the next morning through out patient surgery and under a local, Dr. Yakish did the procedure. It took less than an hour and a half from the time we entered the hospital to the time we exited. Thank you Dr. Yakish for saving my dad from an unnecessary surgery and many anxiety inducing trips back and forth to Pittsburgh. You are the BEST!”

Jan M

  • Spinal fusion & sacroiliac fusion

“I had undergone several spinal surgeries. I am very active and had some of the hardware failed which gave me severe pain. Dr Grisafi was able to correct the fusion from the failed hardware. When I started having severe pain in my legs, Dr Grisafi diagnosed sacroiliitis from the fusions and he was able to fuse that pelvic joint in an outpatient procedure. I am pain free and back to being active after years of pain.”

Nancy H.

  • Scoliosis

“Dr. Grisafi was very thorough and caring. H explained what he had to do and my procedure turned out better than I could have hoped for. Highly recommended.”

Chris Callaghan

  • Herinated Disc

“I was suffering from a herniated L4/L5 disc and Dr. Grisafi came to my rescue. After reviewing my MRI, surgery was immediately scheduled and the disc was repaired. This man is my new best friend. He is young, smart and a joy and he totally helped me. I am pain free today and enjoying a productive life. Thank you Dr. G!!!!!”

Terry Bowyer

  • Back surgery

“I went to Dr.Grisafi on an emergency visit.I had an 1 day and emergency surgery the next.Before surgery I was unable to walk and work.After my months of healing and therapy I am back to work and riding my Harley.In previous years 3 other Drs.told me I would never be 100%.Thanks to Dr. Grisafi he proved them wrong.High recommendation to anyone with Orthopedic problems.Thanks to you and your great staff”


  • Back surgery

“Dr. Grisafi has an excellent manner of communicating with his patients. I felt completely comfortable under his care and had no anxiety prior to surgery. I would recommend Dr. Grisafi to anyone who needed surgery and I will continue to be under his care in the future as needed. Thank you, Dr. Grisafi for your care.”


  • NECK

“Dr. Grisafi replaced a disc in my neck in 2017. This procedure gave me my life back. The surgery was a breeze and recovery time was perfect. Dr. Grisafi put my mind at ease to do this procedure that I was nervous about having. I would do it all over again. I have been pain free for 1 year now after enduring pain for 10 years. I was 50 yrs old and was living a life of a 75yr old. I was able to keep my job as a bus driver which I was grateful for. Thank you Dr. Grisafi!”

Karen Reed

  • back surgery

“Dr.Grisafi was recommended to me by a friend who was having the same back issues that I was. My pain was primarily in my legs, and feet were numb. After two years of injections, I knew it was time for the surgery. After surgery, I was able to manage my pain with Tylenol only. I needed no physical therapy and was able to walk pain-free. The staff at ASP have treated me so well. They are always so friendly and welcoming. I would certainly recommend Dr. Grisafi to anyone considering back surgery.”

Brooke C

  • Ankle surgery

“Dr. Hobizal is excellent. She is compassionate and has excellent bedside manner. I have had many medical experiences and she is by far the best. I would refer anyone to her. My father in law had to have surgery and he saw her. She was excellent for him too. I had rolled my ankle and tore ligaments and she repaired them,scoped the bone for fragments and shards, and removed scar tissue. The incision is nearly invisible and she added a sport band to further support the repairs she made. I have full use of my ankle and I have full confidence in the work she has done. Thank you Dr. Hobizal and keep doing things the way you do. We need more doctors like you and who care about the patient as an individual. ”

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